Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am a Chicago native recently transferred to Indianapolis. Ever since I can remember, I have had a passion for GOOD food and GREAT Fashion.
I love to cook and I love to entertain! I am that nerdy friend who obsesses over a menu and then puts out full place settings when you were just coming over for a casual dinner - in my feeble attempt to be a little like the beloved Martha. When my Seattle-native husband and I informed our foodie friends that we were being transferred to Indianapolis, many of them were aghast at where and what we would eat!  Would we be subjected to a life of casseroles and Applebees???  I mocked them at their snobbery and assured them they were wrong about the heartland, but a small part of me shared those very same fears. Until I quickly remembered, hey, his is ME they are talking about!  I can find good food anywhere and if I can't, then, well...I will just make it myself!
My other love: FASHION.  One of my first memories as a young girl is obsessing over a pair of red clogs that I wore everyday until they virtually fell apart! I was probably the wise old age of 5.  But when you know something looks good, you just know! And those clogs rocked!
I love classic, timeless pieces with a bit of an edge.  I am not one to run away from trends but I certainly do not bulldoze into them either.  In my opinion, fashion is being true to yourself and finding looks that make you feel confident.  Because, just like any good ladies magazine will tell you, confidence is what makes any outfit work!
So there you have it.  This blog contains my completely biased opinions on food and fashion. However, every once in a while I may sprinkle in some posts about things like home design, my beautiful family, travel, etc...   Now I just need to find enough of you who actually care what I think about any of it! :)


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