Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Still Hip to Wrap it Up!

Most of you are probably already familiar with Chan Luu wrap bracelets; in case you are not, here is your introduction!  Chan Luu pretty much brought the trend of wrap bracelets back in vogue. They are just about everywhere, have been completely mass marketed, and knocked off a million different ways. This begs the question,  are they or not they are still in fact hip???  My humble opinion says, YES!  I actually think they are pretty timeless look and I still regularly wear my brown mother of pearl version. In fact, I am even wearing it in my "about me" photo taken this past spring!  What's so great about wrap bracelets is that they can be worn alone for a simple, everyday look or paired with more wraps and/or bangles for a more "accessorized" look.  Even greater, there are so many more styles and different designers putting out their versions! The blog, Girl Obsessed, just did a post on Wear Love bracelets and I have already put my order in for the Snake Wrap!

Here are a few pics of some wraps I like, hope you like too!!
Chan Luu- RhinestoneWrap

Chan Luu- Multi GreenGypsie Leather

Chan Luu-Section Wrap in Pyrite

Nakamol- Stone Leather Wrap

Nakamol- Stud Bracelet

Wear Love- Mauve Wrap

Asha Patel- 3 Stone Wrap

Wear Love- Snake Wrap

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