Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Petit Chou

Petit Chou 
14390 Clay Terrace Blvd
Carmel, IN

This past Sunday my family had brunch at Cafe Patachou's, Petit Chou, in Clay Terrace. This was my third visit to Petit Chou, with one of the times being at their Broad Ripple location. I am very happy to report that once again I was not disappointed!  Petit Chou is currently at the very top of my list of favorite restaurants in Indy; albeit the list is rather short due to our limited time here.
The interior space of the Clay Terrace location is feminine and elegant yet true to the Parisian bistro look they seem to be going for.  They have a great bar in the center of the room that adds a bit of sophistication and I imagine allows the restaurant to give off a different vibe during dinner service.  So far I have only visited for breakfast/lunch but based upon the quality of those meals and what the I've read from the dinner menu, I am excited to come back for evening service!

On to what we ordered...

 Croque Madame:

One of my favorite brunch items is Croque Madame and Petit Chou has mastered it!  Their baked-in-house brioche is delicious and held up perfectly to the weight of the egg, ham and bechamel.  The bechamel itself was nicely done.  So often bechamel can be way too rich and over power the sandwich; theirs was perfectly buttery and creamy without being too heavy.  I also appreciated the thick cuts of ham and gruyere and imagine their Croque Monsieur is equally as delicious.  However, you top anything with a fried egg and the yummy factor goes up!  The sandwich was served aside a mixed green salad with a light vinaigrette and was a perfect compliment to this rich and delicious sandwich!  GOOD food for sure!!

Broken Yolk Sandwich with Bacon and Avocado:

This sandwich was also served on their tasty brioche bread.  It was a pretty straightforward breakfast dish and one that I would imagine to be pretty difficult to mess up.  The bacon was thick and had a wonderful maple taste.  And much like my opinion on fried eggs making everything better, avocado has that same effect!  This dish was served with a fruit cup and what I liked most about it was the only melon was watermelon!  I despise getting fruit cups with no grapes or berries but filled to the brim with honeydew and cantaloupe.  Not that there is anything wrong with honeydew and cantaloupe; I would just prefer any other fruit over them any day.  Unless of course they are wrapped in prosciutto... but thats a whole different post! :)

So all in all, Petit Chou makes a really GOOD breakfast.  I am excited to go back and try dinner!

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