Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My 2 New Favorite Sites!

I made two VERY exciting discoveries yesterday that I can not believe, in my food and fashion obsessed life, I did not already know about it!  Particularly because they have been right in front of me for quite some time... Or for one, at least since May!  I am talking about GILT Groupe's gourmet offshoot, Taste and the folks at Urban Outfitters & Anthropologies'  home and garden store, Terrain. 
How does a girl who basically has a frequent flier card with both GILT and Anthropologie not know about these things???  The good news is I do now!  At least good for me, maybe not so much for my husband... His take will probably be something to the likes of... "Great. Another opportunity for you to spend $"  Ha!  I however will choose to believe it is serendipity! I've moved to a new town that is slightly more food challenged, we are building a new home that will clearly need furniture and landscaping and then voila: Taste and Terrain enter the picture!  Okay, maybe its not quite that life changing, but I am pretty stoked nonetheless.  Oh, and can I just say, GILT Groupe rocks!  Is there anything I can't buy from them???  Its like a super luxury Costco!!

Here are some things I am already eying...
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Truffle Slicer
Wagyu Bone Marrow
White Truffle Cream
Pork Belly
Spanish Sampler
Island Creek Oysters

Terrain's Cozy Collection

Chalkboard Labels

cute sign for kitchen

This cabinet could serve so many purposes!

love this neutral throw


cool pendant

Funky cutting board, I think it would be great to serve on!


  1. MUST visit that Terrain site. Right up my alley. Been looking for kitchen pendants like that! Thanks for the great resources.

  2. I love that cabinet! One of these days I'd like to finish off our dining room and something like that would look great in there...