Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Did I mention we are building a house???

Its official!  My West Coast hubby is loving his new Hoosier lifestyle, so we are laying down roots and building a house!  I am completely giddy to begin the design process and I can't wait to share it with you!  Here are a few things I am in LOVE with!

Gorgeous!  Too bad I won't have quite the same view!
I have always adored the homey feel of a banquette!  So much so, that our builders have been informed to design a floor plan to accommodate one in my new kitchen! Its one of my few requirements! I love the look and color palette of this one! 

Cutest little home office!
Love the french doors and built ins!
The home office is one room that too often is far bigger than it needs to be.  Here are two ideas that utilize a smaller space and maximize style and efficiency!  I prefer the idea of the separate room with built-ins,  but would change it to have more of the look and feel of the cubby concept. 

How did I not know about this before???  Removable wall paper!! Fantastic!!!  I love the look of wallpaper, but having lived through an older home renovation I know the terror of taking it down.  Sherwin Williams makes a whole line, called EasyChange.   I actually like the idea of maybe wallpapering the aforementioned home office!  Small space with big, bold style!

my master closet must
I can't not tell you all the random places I keep my necklaces.  Some are in makeup bags, some are in dresser drawers, a few are actaully in a jewley box. All are disorganized and get tanlgeled and messy.  I found this genius idea on!  A curtain rod with shower hooks!!  So smart, and looks pretty cool too!  

Can't wait to keep collecting ideas!!

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