Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Luxe Library

A while back I posted a link to a gorgeous home office I planned to use as inspiration for our new home.  Well, in the time since then my husband has decided to create a home office above the garage; therefore eliminating my need for that space. I am not too upset about it though because I am realizing that the likelihood of me using that fancy home office was pretty slim.  I like most mommies, tend to hang in the kitchen when I am on the computer.  So, Ive decided to make the room more of an oasis from my little monsters.  A room that is completely grown up, as well as completely off limits from my children.  In my old age, (35 now) I am realizing that the rooms I once thought I would never use or want might just be the ones I like most.  Soooo, the new plan is a library! Yup. A library.  In a time where everyone is on an iPad or a kindle one might think that a library is complete nonsense.  But, speaking as a girl who has both the iPad and the kindle, I will always prefer a nice old fashioned paper book.  Plus, I LOVE the cozy feel a room filled with books provides!  Here are some pics of my new inspiration!!!


  1. Your kids will still find a way to infiltrate and F it up ;-)

  2. Name the last book you read?