Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Again!

Happy New Year!!! Its been quite a while since I last post.  I have a whole new level of respect for those bloggers who manage to work, raise kids, and blog everyday.  Clearly I don't have it together quite yet!
Between a bout of food poisoning, building our new home, hosting the holidays, and having family visit from out of town it was enough for me to just keep my children bathed, let a lone spend any time online!
But, its a new year and in the spirit of resolutions, I am going to try to post at least twice a week...

Of course during my blogging absence, I was certainly still living and cooking so I plan on posting some recipes very soon!  In the mean time, check out this incredible children's play kitchen my husband and his dad built!!!  I have wanted the pottery barn kids kitchen for quite some time but the price point is beyond ridiculous.  In doing some research on other blogs, I found that Lowes has a play kitchen plan on their website that pretty much mimics the pottery barn set for less than half the price! My husband and his father are pretty handy guys so they whipped the stove and sink out in less than two weekends. However, based upon their efficiency I have to believe this a relatively doable task for most everyone. Here is a look at the finished product along with a link to the plans...  Pretty impressive, huh??  The kids love it and I love even more that is was built by their dad and grandpa on the final days leading up to Christmas!  Far more special than by a factory in China!

Should you feel inspired, here is a link to the plans...

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