Sunday, February 26, 2012

Light it up!

Since I have been beyond awful with posting lately, I decided to post a little about what it is that is taking up all my time..  Our home build project!  Building or renovating a new home is incredibly fun but if you are anything like me it can also take over your every thought!  I find myself obsessing over ever detail and the smallest of decisions!  While having the ability is choose every fixture, light, switch, etc is fantastic it can also make you crazy over every light, fixture, switch, etc.  
My current time consumer is lighting.  There are so many incredible lighting options out there that it is  hard to narrow it down to which you love most and which will make the right statement in your home.  Here are some pieces that are on the current must have list for our new home....

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  1. Hi, can you point me in the direction of where you found 7th ceiling fixture down? It would be a perfect fit for my home.